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Any machine that’s used as often as your garage door opener will inevitably develop electrical and mechanical faults. Our technicians can help keep you safe by preventing accidents, and cut back on inconvenient breakdowns by providing you with regular opener maintenance services, as well as emergency assistance when it's called for.

New Opener Installation

If your existing unit breaks down unexpectedly, or you're interested in getting an upgrade, it’s important that your new opener will be properly installed. Without secure attachment and proper adjustment your new unit could start experiencing all sorts of issues right from the get go. Our team can provide you with a new unit from brands like Chamberlain, Genie, LiftMaster, and more. Once you've chosen your new opener, we will proceed to install it at your garage. You can count on us to make sure the rail and trolley are properly connected to your door, and that the safety sensors are placed in their precise position.

Which Type Of Opener Is Right For Me?

There are three main types of drive-systems that garage door openers use. First, we have the chain drive openers; models of this type are reliable and affordable, and have become quite common. Their main downside, however, is that they are quite noisy. The second type is the belt drive opener, which uses a rubber belt instead of a metal chain. This makes it quieter, but often more expensive as well. Finally, we have the screw drive system, which requires next to no maintenance at all, as there are very few moving parts involved in its operation. However, a screw-drive opener is also noisy like its chain-based counterpart, and also a little more expensive. Of course, each brand has its own distinct models, but every opener today uses one of these three types.

Routine Opener Maintenance

Like any complex electro-mechanical device, a garage door opener requires regular maintenance to achieve its maximum potential. Our team can offer you routine service appointments, during which we'll inspect each part of your opener, from the rail and trolley to the motor gear and circuit board. If we find any signs of loose wiring, rust or general wear, well address them on the spot. In addition, we'll also test your safety mechanism, checking that the photo-electric eyes are properly aligned and that the door reverses when something gest in its way.

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