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Short, smart answers to all questions regarding garage doors and their parts. They will be very helpful

  • What is the main benefit of universal garage door openers?

    Garage door repair Daly City technicians agree that the main benefit universal garage door openers provide is ease of use, as you can fit your opener with garage doors of any type. After all, it can be frustrating to look for an opener that matches your door’s type.

  • What is auto reversing feature?

    The auto reversing feature is a secondary safety measure for your garage door. It activates and goes back on top once it detects an object blocking its way. This is essential if you accidentally close the door.

  • Can my garage door be opened with another remote?

    This is possible if the other remote is programmed to work on the same frequency and uses the exact same code, say our experts in Daly City. The likelihood of this happening is extremely low. For the highest level of protection, you should get a garage door clicker with a rolling code.

  • What causes the door to make a scraping noise?

    The most probable cause is a track which has loosened up and become misaligned. You simply need to tighten the bolts and ensure that the track is perfectly lined. If this does not stop the noise, then you have to check the spring.

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